Pioneer Project Introduction|X METAVERSE PRO: One-Stop DeFi Asset Management Platform

DeFi's gold-sucking effect is growing, and the total locked-in volume of DeFi applications on all major public chains exceeded $100 billion in 2021, a record high. Capital outside the circle is also flocking to DeFi on a large scale because of high returns, and the TVL is expected to continue to reach new heights.

However, there is usually a strict market access for on-chain native DeFi. In addition to a certain level of understanding, it is a common challenge for all new entrants, both institutional and retail, to find a pool with a high enough APY (annualized return) and to earn as much as possible with as little risk as possible.

There are opportunities and challenges in the encryption world, and the market has seen the emergence of on-chain capital management services such as Yearn.Finance, Zapper, Zerion, DAOventures and others, all of whom are trying to change the industry with their own technology. Recently, an emerging one-stop DeFi investment platform, X METAVERSE PRO, has shown its vitality in this racing and attracted attention from many parties.

It is reported that this project is positioned as a new generation DeFi asset management platform with strong advantages in the direction of multi-ecological integration. It solves the difficulties for new encryption users that DeFi can't solve and the problem of strict market access for new project research, and is the first to achieve privacy protection, asset security and asset management freedom with high efficiency.

DeFi wants to create an extremely low-cost, transparent, decentralized and perfect mobile financial marketplace, and X METAVERSE PRO definitely has the ability to be a key part of open financial activities.

X METAVERSE PRO, the World's First DeFi Trading Ecosystem

X METAVERSE PRO is a decentralized social trading and asset management platform designed to provide investors with trading strategies that capture the volatility of cryptocurrencies. The project operates systematically entirely through self-developed smart contracts and includes a variety of tools focused on cryptocurrency distribution, automatic rebalancing and elimination of transfer risks from digital wallets, completely guaranteeing effective interconnection between users and traders within DeFi.


Pioneer Project Introduction|X METAVERSE PRO: One-Stop DeFi Asset Management Platform

As an advanced crypto asset management platform, X METAVERSE PRO strives to create a decentralized online autonomous crypto asset portfolio environment for its users and offers multiple strategy combinations to maximize their asset yields. Its vision is to become a personal, intelligent investment advisor for every DeFi participant and to assist more new entrants in making the right investment choices.

An Easier-to-Use Aggregator of Managed Products

X METAVERSE PRO creates easy-to-use asset management products for users, while supporting multi-chain functionality to meet investors' needs for decentralized trading while ensuring security. The platform currently enables 2 types of clients, fund managers and professional traders, and they are allowed to create, issue and manage fund products by invoking smart contracts or protocols on X METAVERSE PRO, and for ordinary investors, they can participate in fund investments through smart contracts using multiple cryptocurrencies via the X METAVERSE PRO platform.

Pioneer Project Introduction|X METAVERSE PRO: One-Stop DeFi Asset Management Platform

Facing a wide group of users, X METAVERSE PRO offers a flexible interface to operate trades and manage assets. Ordinary users select their preferred traders based on data and rating information, follow the orders through METAVERSE PRO smart contracts, and the system will then mint that trader's fundified token for the user, whose value is equal to the value of the assets invested by the user. In this way, the trader manages the user's investment for trading, the user controls the trader's token, and the user can choose whether to deposit the token in his wallet, transfer it to another address, or donate it to others.


X METAVERSE PRO is building the world's first capital management platform with social trading properties, with the goal of becoming the entire ecosystem for DeFi trading. $XMETA is the native functional token in the platform, which shares a portion of the platform's profits in addition to its governance value. The Token model will later be open to insurance contracts where users can choose to pledge $XMETA as a percentage of their capital value to hedge against losses.

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Another very interesting feature of the ecosystem is the automatic repurchase and distribution in the vault, providing rewards to token holders and returning a percentage of tokens back to traders in X METAVERSE PRO. In addition, it can buy back $XMETA from the market and distribute it across the network of cryptocurrency holding users, a portion of which will participate in insurance transactions, which is very beneficial to traders, and a portion of which will be burned to reduce the total supply.

X METAVERSE PRO strives to provide more profitable content to XMETA coin-holding users, to increase its consumption scenario following the expansion of the ecosystem and drive the market demand for $XMETA. In the future, $XMETA will be held for consumption, purchase, creation and financial management within the X METAVERSE PRO ecosystem. The complete ecological scale will definitely promote the high value flow of $XMETA, and I believe that soon, people will witness the absolute strength of $XMETA "creating global wealth and fast value-add".

Pioneer Project Introduction|X METAVERSE PRO: One-Stop DeFi Asset Management Platform

A Great Innovation of DeFi

X METAVERSE PRO is a huge innovation in the DeFi world, allowing anyone to enter with low barriers and high efficiency, helping anyone around the world to experience the joy of trading with DeFi. When features, information tools and the X METAVERSE PRO terminal all-in-one bring DEX into the ecosystem, the DeFi trading one-stop platform is revealed. Stay tuned for more exciting product announcements about X METAVERSE PRO coming soon.