Redefining the Value of Currency, an in-depth analysis of X METAVERSE PRO Mechanism

In recent years, the DeFi concept has been very hot, and even once became the most competitive point in the blockchain field. However, it is undeniable that many DeFi projects are still in the primary DeFi 1.0 stage, which itself has many drawbacks.

First of all, in DeFi 1.0 stage, the phenomenon of “digging and selling” is prevalent, and the project tokens are under pressure to be sold in large quantities. The so-called “mobile mining” certainly provides a great way to cold start a project, but it also brings out the problems. This model is more about attracting and encouraging short-term participation from liquid miners, most of whom are not really users of the protocol and cannot form a sticky symbiotic relationship with it. As a result, the phenomenon of “digging and selling” is a frequent occurrence.

Redefining the Value of Currency, an in-depth analysis of X METAVERSE PRO Mechanism

Second, DeFi 1.0 era projects often have the wrong incentive anchoring. The users form LPs is for high profits, not much linked to the project itself, let alone the loyalty of users. The reason for this is that the value of the project tokens are all scattered in the tokens, which are quickly divided up by the users and not accurately anchored to the project itself, resulting in the phenomenon of “one toss and you’re dead”.

Third, erratic losses will continue to occur in the DeFi 1.0 project. What is erratic loss? Impermanence loss occurs when the price of tokens held changes from the price at which they were deposited into the pool. The larger the spread, the greater the impermanent loss. Although many current users do not care about this, it is an objective fact that “the user suffers the loss”.

Finally, and most importantly, a high-yielding project may seem glamorous, but it is likely to end up with “no takers”. When a mining project runs into the middle and late stages, it will face the dilemma of no new money entering. The lack of new money leads to a plunge in tokens and a lose-lose situation for both project owners and users.

In order to improve the plight of the DeFi market, X METAVERSE PRO has arrived and launched a new model that is fundamentally different from DeFi 1.0.

Compared to the traditional DeFi 1.0 protocol, X METAVERSE PRO chooses to make all the mobility available to the protocol, thus preventing the “cutthroat game” that occurs in traditional DeFi programs due to low user loyalty and poor adherence. Creating an anchor, i.e. a basket of virtual currencies and a naturally growing blockchain eco-index, by doing so, X METAVERSE PRO can have a huge space for compression when high premiums are generated. The high inflation suppression of the circulation will also guide users to bind their interests to the protocol, providing security for its long-term development. In this way, when money enters the X METAVERSE PRO agreement, it can continuously sink, feed, and promote the growth of the agreement while also sharing the income of the agreement.

Redefining the Value of Currency, an in-depth analysis of X METAVERSE PRO Mechanism

What’s more, the X METAVERSE PRO agreement will have much mobility. In X METAVERSE PRO, tokens will be handed over to as many users as possible, thus ensuring sufficient trading liquidity. Moreover, METAVERSE PRO will provide strong liquidity for market makers when they are in great need of it. In this way, the project will go in the direction of getting better and better, and there will be no situation where the project owner withdraws and runs away at a critical time.

Although METAVERSE PRO is currently in the early stages of development, we can confirm that METAVERSE PRO is a quality project to look forward to. X METAVERSE PRO has an ambitious goal and vision, and its team is committed to building a meta-universe ecosystem that combines WEB 3.0 fully decentralized world, DeFi 3.0 reserve currency, DAO, NFT and many other elements. X METAVERSE PRO will build an open block ecological network on the chain with a virtuous cycle and two-way incentives through the principle of “token distribution to long-term stakeholders”, and will implement the governance development concept of “DeFi+WEB 3.0+DAO” to the end. This will also be the world’s first “IDO + community + airdrop + DeFi + DAO + NFT” blockchain application ecology.

At that time, X METAVERSE PRO will expand the market consensus between the platform and the community, combine the new model of “deflation + dividend + mining + reward + blood + listing”, and create a completely decentralized Internet value transmission ecosystem.

Let’s all look forward to X METAVERSE PRO’s dream to achieve a high degree of ecological integration and lead everyone into a new metaverse world!