X METAVERSE PRO, a video-centric, user-driven and decentralized Web3 platform

the development of various websites, applications and self-media, various forms
of information dissemination have considerable influenced the society.
Currently, applications such as Tiktok, Kuaishou, Tencent Video and Youku are
popular and occupy the majority of traffic in the market, and live commerce and
advertising implantation has become the main way of revenue. The launch of X
METAVERSE PRO is to break the monopoly of social media platforms.

Innovation in the field of Internet video

METAVERSE PRO is a blockchain-based decentralized video platform with key
features of autonomy and sharing, attempting to revolutionize Internet video by
transforming it from platform-driven to creator-driven. Anyone is allowed to
upload videos and the ownership of
videos is open and transparent in the platform. Users have full rights to their
data and are rewarded with XMETA Token for the number of reads and likes they
receive. In this way, the users are more encouraged to make superior products
and the readers can have better experiences.

project is governed by DAO and started by a group of like-minded partners, with
team members from around the world who share a passion for open source,
blockchain technology, distributed systems, accurate recommendations,
distributed storage, privacy and building a new Internet based on accountable
and forkable institutions. With a majority of engineers, the team as a whole
behaves as a technology-focused type with more active code development. The
team attracts quality projects and talent by holding frequent hackathons and
developer events.

is the governance token of the platform, with the main functions of pledge,
governance and payment. As a native asset on the X METAVERSE PRO chain, various
roles are rewarded by this Token. It is obtained by making quality
contributions to the platform and community by becoming a founding member. In
other words, registering an account on the X METAVERSE PRO platform and posting
videos or watching videos will get you XMETA.

The Next Generation Web3 Internet of Value

METAVERSE PRO takes blockchain’s advantage of immutability, and anonymity to
achieve Web3 and formed a new business model that promises to have a disruptive
impact. Firstly, the decentralization of blockchain does not have a mandatory
central control function, which can effectively remove third-party constraints
and is jointly led by countless nodes. Secondly, the operational security of
the system is fully protected owing to the characteristics of traceability and
non-tamperability, and the users can participate in the benefits owing to the
consensus mechanism. Finally, it relies on anonymity to provide protection for
users’ privacy and avoid network trackers for data correlation.

Based on blockchain network, X METAVERSE PRO uses Web3
interactive technology to create a new generation of Internet of value,
empowering creators to profit directly from their content without giving a
share of benefits to the platform.

X METAVERSE PRO, a video-centric, user-driven and decentralized Web3 platform

Platform Features Overview

X METAVERSE PRO platform opens up the video upload function and sets up
categories such as technology, music, dance, game, knowledge, life, food,
documentary, cartoon, hipster, finance, etc. Creators can sell their content as
NFT and tokenize their personal channels, and anyone can invest in creators and
earn a share of their income.

METAVERSE PRO allows users to generate interactive interfaces for text, video,
music, external links and other functions with only simple configuration, which
increases the fun and interactivity of videos. editing, and users can develop
it online anytime, anywhere.

a video-centric blockchain, X METAVERSE PRO , not only provides a decentralized
video service for users, but also allows developers and entrepreneurs to build
video applications on it and creators can autonomously develop the platform. The
NFTs generated by publishing and selling videos can also be shared and
crowdfunded to the community. In this way, X METAVERSE PRO is not only a
powerful tool to enable video creation and distribution for creators, but also
a decentralized Web3 platform that closes the loop of dissemination and
commercialization in an epochal way.

Web3.0 era creator platform representative

the search-only Web1 to the read-write Web2, the Internet gives us more
personalization and interaction rights. Along the trend of accessibility,
content has become easier to find, produce and share.Web3 is widely
favored for its ability to better reflect the value of Internet users' labor
and achieve a balanced distribution of value. In this Web3 revolution, X
METAVERSE PRO is a pioneer in this practice, taking the lead in addressing the
issues of user information security and content ownership. Based on this, we
are surprised to find that X METAVERSE PRO has a certain novelty in the field
of content creation and video distribution in the Web3 era, and will play a
greater role in the Web3 model in the future.