Web3 Interactions in X METAVERSE PRO, to Create a Safer and Open Social Finance Ecosystem

Web3 Interactions in X METAVERSE PRO, to
Create a Safer and Open Social Finance Ecosystem

Introduction: 2019 DeFi emerges and probably
will replace traditional finance in 5 years; 2021 GameFi attracted millions of
daily online participants at its peak; 2022 Web3 social quietly develops and
may drive human economy and society into a new level.

The combination of Web3 and SocialFi will
bring a new vision for finance. We can see that Web3 continues to perform well
this year, raising $173 million in the first quarter alone, a figure that is
8.65 times higher than in all of 2020. This means that more projects have taken
the plunge and started developing Web3.

In another direction, social as the main theme
of the Internet era, more and more people are focusing on the future of social
media. What is known is that Binance is also entering the Web3 social space,
looking at how blockchain technology can be used to empower Web2 social media
platforms. Web3 social has the ability to create more value by connecting
everyone in a more efficient way.

Web3 Interactions in X METAVERSE PRO, to Create a Safer and Open Social Finance Ecosystem

Vision of the next generation Web3
social platform

The vision for the next generation Web3
social platform is an unprecedented platform that realizes freedom, autonomy,
and equitable benefit distribution, in which users regain ownership of their
data and share growth and revenue with their fans. At the same time, users can
use an identity ID or component and a digital wallet to connect social
platforms, share a popular set of economic models, and in doing so, earn income
and even new ways of working.

The technical crypto infrastructure is
being improved, and when Create-to-Earn comes to us, X METAVERSE PRO is the new
solution that will connect Web2 social in a decentralized way and help creators
trade through $XMETA and crypto wallets.

Web3 Interactions in X METAVERSE PRO, to Create a Safer and Open Social Finance Ecosystem

X METAVERSE PRO activates the creator

X METAVERSE PRO was first built as a
decentralized streaming platform combining DeFi2.0 + Web3.0 + NFT + DAO in an
integrated application. X METAVERSE PRO provides a series of tools and services
for video creators and fans to help them get fair development, fair revenue and
healthy growth.

At the same time, the platform is
specifically designed to attract more creators by providing them with more
creative formats and using technology services to make them new tools for
generating revenue. For example, the platform allows anyone to upload and
process video files in the correct format type, and to choose different music
backgrounds, video styles to enhance the sensory level. To add differentiation
to the product, the platform supports users to build 3D spaces on it and make
it into videos, aiming to bring more disruptive experiences to the masses.

Web3 Interactions in X METAVERSE PRO, to Create a Safer and Open Social Finance Ecosystem

On the X METAVERSE PRO platform, unique
content created by users and even social network pages can be cast as NFTs, and
the platform offers $XMETA rewards for quality content creators. In addition to
NFT publishing and earning royalties on secondary NFT transactions, the
platform also offers a NFT trading platform and a pledge pool for creators to
share the overall profits from the platform with their fans.

In addition, fans can pay the creator to
ask questions and the creator earns $XMETA for each answer. Of course, there
are also membership subscriptions, exclusive paid content, etc. to help
creators cash in. In terms of revenue distribution, X METAVERSE PRO helps users
trade mainly through XMETA.

X METAVERSE PRO provides users with a
self-accessible entertainment community where like-minded partners can discuss
and communicate with people from all over the world, and creators of the same
frequency can create communities of creators in different categories to work
together on newer expressions. The governance of the platform is under the full
authority of DAO, which has already achieved decentralized autonomy.

Web3 Interactions in X METAVERSE PRO, to Create a Safer and Open Social Finance Ecosystem

Create a free-flowing economic system
with Web3 Social

X METAVERSE PRO is a major project created
by the X METAVERSE INC startup financial company, which wants to create a more
secure and open social financial ecosystem that enables Web3 interactions to
better connect: XMETA Capital Management Platform, XMETA SWAP, NFT Digital
Collectibles Marketplace, Xmetaworld 3D Virtual City GameFi, and other key

X METAVERSE PRO's innovative Web3
interaction system supports simultaneous wallet/email login, no KYC
authentication, security, anonymity, and no worries about your transaction
information being leaked, and your assets are always in your wallet, which is very
reliable. At the same time, each ecology is a smart contract to manage
transactions, which ensures strict execution according to defined rules and a
decentralized and transparent transaction environment is achieved.

The X METAVERSE PRO interaction system
enables easy access to all major ecologies such as NFT, DeFi, GameFi, SocialFi,
and Metaverse, effectively lowering the barrier to entry and always providing
users with a new and smooth experience of decentralized transactions.

X METAVERSE PRO is a big trend!

We have witnessed the rapid development of
the cryptocurrency trading market and the evolution of the whole process, so
after knowing X METAVERSE PRO, we are even more convinced that it will become
an indispensable backbone in the Web3 field, and even the future of the whole
crypto world. It has created a new concept of fusion of all advanced elements,
and it has become a trend that will be the trendsetter of crypto trends at this
stage and in the future, continuing to unleash the social value of Web3,
radiating and driving the development of crypto finance.

We should be optimistic about the
development of the industry, new hot spots and new stories will always be the
important driving force for X METAVERSE PRO to lead the industry to keep moving