Rereading Web3: The Decentralization of the X METAVERSE PRO Video Streaming Industry

We are able to live in the age of video
streaming because of Netflix, YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, Disney+, Brightcove, and
a host of other emerging video streamers. There is no doubt that these video
streaming platforms play an important role in our lives, serving hundreds of
millions of active users every day. According to authoritative reports, in
2022, Internet video is expected to account for 70% of all market traffic and
the IP traffic has already reached 396 exabytes per month, and this number
continues to grow.

The whole industry is booming, but
the drawbacks and shortcomings still exist.

The video industry is booming, but there
are still drawbacks and shortcomings. The increasing numbers mean that
streaming providers are spending a lot of money to maintain their networks.
They either set up content delivery networks (CDN); or through cloud service
platforms such as Amazon AWS. But whichever way they use, it adds to the cost
of their operations. For users, due to the limited capacity of CDN, those users
who are far away have a slightly poorer experience, with problems such as poor
picture quality, access denied or unstable network occurring.

Adding to this, users' personalized needs
are updated with technology continues to advance and , with resolutions rising
from 720p or 1080p to 4K and 8K, all of which make transmission difficult as
they require more and stronger bandwidth.

As a fast growing crypto project, X
METAVERSE PRO tries to provide a viable solution to all these problems by using
blockchain and Web3 as a means to decentralize the video streaming space.


X METAVERSE PRO is a newly created video
streaming and delivery platform based on blockchain technology. Unlike
traditional projects on the market that utilize centralized servers, X
METAVERSE PRO provides streaming services through a completely decentralized

Rereading Web3: The Decentralization of the X METAVERSE PRO Video Streaming Industry

On the one hand, the project retains the
advantages of the flexibility of currently popular video applications, and
focuses on encrypted social platforms, or applications to create a large
interactive community, allowing watchers and players to merge into one, with
each person being both a viewer and a performer. The content contained on the
platform is extensive and continuously updated, covering various genres
including music, dance, games, knowledge, life, food, records, cartoons, and
allowing likes, comments, sharing, and following. On the other hand, X
METAVERSE PRO incentivizes users to engage in interactive behaviors on the
platform with $XMETA, which is the native Token used in the platform and

In the X METAVERSE PRO network, users can
share their equipment resources, such as unused compute and bandwidth, and
these users contributing to the network will collectively become the cache
nodes of this video delivery mesh network, responsible for delivering video
streams to viewers. In other words, the more users that join the X METAVERSE
PRO network, the more cache nodes there will be, and the lower its cost and the
more efficient it will be.

Rereading Web3: The Decentralization of the X METAVERSE PRO Video Streaming Industry

The network strikes a good balance between
scalability, security, and decentralization, and can complete over 50,000
transactions per second (TPS) without burden, thanks to the efficient
transmission between nodes, which makes transactions, and data, faster and more
efficient.The X METAVERSE PRO project is managed by a smart contract, and
to motivate the nodes to work, a portion of $XMETA is specially allocated as a
reward placed in the smart contract, which is automatically issued when the
task is reached.

X METAVERSE PRO is the first decentralized
distributed P2P delivery network that completely eliminates the problems
associated with service interruptions caused by central servers. their
services, while providing the opportunity for decentralized streaming platforms
to enter the market through X METAVERSE PRO's protocol.

What is $XMETA token?

$XMETA is primarily used for governance and
staking of the X METAVERSE PRO system, with a fixed total supply of 300 million
tokens that will not be increased in the future. Also, $XMETA applications
exist in multiple scenarios such as: spending, paying transaction fees, smart
contract interactions and as rewards to be distributed to nodes, viewers and
content creators. The usefulness of nodes can be numerous. Nodes can earn
additional $XMETA by staking tokens and by providing more idle resources on the
streaming platform.

The unique destruction mechanism of $XMETA
is also worth mentioning, which is designed to combat token inflation by
introducing a fee for using the X METAVERSE PRO network. The project will
destroy a percentage of each payment $XMETA fee at the protocol level to reduce
the supply of cryptocurrency.

X METAVERSE PRO, taking identity

After a long period of practice, X
METAVERSE PRO has made it the ultimate goal of its efforts to create the X
metaverse, a place that allows the connection of hardware and software
facilities so that everyone can be free from geographical location and physical
space, not only to enable financial socialization, but also to create Web3

Rereading Web3: The Decentralization of the X METAVERSE PRO Video Streaming Industry

Web3 is a identity-centric, highly mobile, modular and relatively dynamic technological behavior, and the X METAVERSE PRO streaming platform, which enables just the right amount of Web2 binding, is able to take users' social identities everywhere. For example, the role of TikTok may change, but it will still be used as an application. The X METAVERSE PRO platform, however, will give streaming a new possibility: to turn social accounts into a component, a key component that can become a rich identity in the Web3 multi-channel and enjoy all kinds of interactions in the X metaverse.