Welcome Insightful People to Visit XMETA Asia-Pacific Shenzhen Community

On September 14, 2022, the MetaWeek 2022 came to a successful end in Dubai. It is
worth mentioning that X METAVERSE PRO, a quality project that has been quite popular
in the metaverse and cryptocurrency field recently, was also invited.

The topics of MetaWeek 2022 were very
in-depth, such as design and development of metaverse, gamification and
investment strategies, how to achieve sustainable development through
blockchain and WEB 3.0, digital asset market management, how to ensure security
and accessibility. The X METAVERSE PRO team actively participated in the event and
made a wonderful speech to introduce its ambitious plans and core advantages.
As expected, X METAVERSE PRO was in the limelight in MetaWeek 2022. Everyone
was very interested in X METAVERSE PRO and $XMETA. In the exhibition session, X
METAVERSE PRO successfully reached dozens of intentional node cooperation,
including city nodes in Korea, Seoul, Japan, Osaka, Paris, etc., which demonstrates
the strong strength of X METAVERSE PRO in all aspects. At the same time, a
number of leading institutions have clearly indicated their willingness to have
more far-reaching cooperation with X METAVERSE PRO in the future.

Welcome Insightful People to Visit XMETA Asia-Pacific Shenzhen Community

X METAVERSE PRO has been gaining
momentum and its potential is unlimited. The performance at MetaWeek is just a beginning,
X METAVERSE PRO will continue to make efforts to create huge value for the
entire cryptocurrency industry. XMETA Asia-Pacific Shenzhen Community opened in
mid-September to support the most populous and economically promising Asia-Pacific

X METAVERSE PRO has always believed that
"community is the soul of a project’s development". XMETA has always
adhered to the principle of community autonomy by distributing rights to
holders of $XMETA tokens so that they can jointly manage the project. The XMETA
community is made up of volunteers from all over the world, who are the
cornerstone of the XMETA project. The Shenzhen community, which has a large
number of members and contributed a lot to the XMETA preaching, is an excellent
representative of them.

The XMETA Shenzhen
communityIt is worth mentioning
that the design of the community is unique,
and the lights, the decorates, the display, all of which shows the
characteristics and style of the metaverse.
XMETA Shenzhen community
welcomes all insightful people and those who are interested in metaverse and
blockchain, and we are sure that you will get a wonderful experience here.

Welcome Insightful People to Visit XMETA Asia-Pacific Shenzhen Community

What makes X METAVERSE PRO different is
that it always has a clear orientation and goal from the foundation to now, that
is, to create a community of builders who are truly focused on innovation. We
hope that all members can enjoy the atmosphere of this "metaverse"
community and complete important tasks and nodes within it.

The X METAVERSE PRO project has a strong power
that brings all community members together to brainstorm, bring out new ideas,
create and innovate to drive the development of WEB 3.0.

The future of X METAVERSE PRO is
promising, and X METAVERSE PRO will become more and more refined with great
leaders and contributors constantly emerging as time goes on. Therefore, every
community partner's suggestion is especially important to XMETA; every
community partner's effort will lead to XMETA's great achievement. We look
forward to your participation!